Meet the Team

You are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects your individual needs. We invite you to become part of our orthodontic family and experience what we can accomplish together.

Welcome to the family!



Meet Your Administrative Team


Christy - Office Manager
Nickname: "5-Star"
Walk-up Song: "Baby I'm a Star" by Prince
Worked in Orthodontics since 1994

Christy has been with Lustig & Young Orthodontics since 2006.  Her job is to oversee the office operations and she is committed to making patients and their families experience in our office an amazing one!  She is married to her husband, Kris, who is a local high school coach.  They have three wonderful sons, C.J., Cameron and Caden.  Christy enjoys running, reading, fishing and a little bit of Diet Coke.  When it comes to sports you will find Christy rooting for her Texas Aggies and Dallas Cowboys.  


Becky - Financial Coordinator
Nickname: "Beck"
Walk-up Song: "I Won't Back Down"
Worked in Orthodontics since 1999

Becky has been with Lustig & Young Orthodontics since 2006.  She is married and has two children and four beautiful grandchildren.  During her off time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.  Her favorite part of her job is helping patients and parents with their financial needs and treatment concerns.  She is dedicated to making sure all of our patients and families have a great experience.  



Carrie - Accounts Receivable Coordinator / Lab Technician 

Nickname: "Care Bear"
Walk-up Song: "Baby Got Back"
Worked in Orthodontics since 1995

Carrie has been a Lustig & Young team member since 2008. She and her husband Blake have 2 children. Carrie's guilty pleasure includes playing bubble word games on her phone and sour cream & onion chips. If Carrie were stranded on an island she would want it to be with Kid Rock. Although, Carrie is not a big fan of sports she is a huge fan of her beloved dogs Dozer and Izzy.


Heather - Professional Relations Coordinator 

Nickname: "Hess"
Walk-up Song: "Crazy Train"
Worked in Orthodontics since 1990

Heather has been with Lustig & Young since 2016. She and her husband Levi have two children, Neelie and Will. Heather loves all things sports. Football, softball, and baseball are full-time activities in her house. Her motto is, "Do it with passion or don't do it at all!" In her off time, she enjoys camping, working out and Alabama Football!


Karin - Insurance Coordinator

Nickname: "K-Dawg"
Walk-up Song: "Run The World"
Worked in Orthodontics since 2013

Karin has been with Lustig & Young since 2013. She and her husband have 3 children. Karin's guilty pleasure include shopping, reading and food. She spends most of her time watching her kids play competitive baseball and volleyball. Karin is origianlly from Boston so she can ALWAYS be heard cheering for the Red Sox, Patriots Bruins and the Celtics! Oh and she is most fluent in speaking "Bostonian".


Laura - Team Lead

Nickname: "The Favorite"
Walk-up Song: "We Are The Champions"
Worked in Orthodontics since 1987

Laura has been with Lustig & Young since 2016. She and her husband have 3 beautiful daughters and one precious grandson. Besides raising twin daughters Laura likes to spend time in the kitchen. Her guilty pleasure is any and all kitchen gadgets. The only sport you will find Laura playing is BINGO!!!  

Rhonda - Concierge

Olympicway appernay • Ocolatechay-aholicway
Igpay Atinlay Instructorway. Areway ouyay onfusedcay etya?


Teresa - Financial Coordinator

Cookie Taster • Midnight Reader
Living one day at a time, with a fresh-baked cookie. Some day I will read my way through the library.



Meet Your Clinical Team

Ginette - New Patient Coordinator

Coffee Shop Addict • Jack Bauer's Future Wife
Nicknamed "Gee" at a young age, I am an Olympic fencing hopeful and future recording artist - the next Jenny From the Block. I'm a rock-star aunt and have mad Spanglish skills!


Lauren - New Patient Coordinator

Member - Team Average Joes • Fights for Her Right to Party
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Currently cutting a rap album about shopping and chocolate. And chocolate shopping. Producers: Beastie Boys


Mandy - Clinical Manager

Telephone Addict • Fluent in Texan
If not working here, you would find me working at Rosa's for Taco Tuesday. But, let's taco bout it later...


Alison - Orthodontic Assistant

Fluent in Sarcasm
Call me...maybe. I once tried out for the Harlem Globe Trotters: I was too tall. 


Cassie - Orthodontic Assistant

Power Shopper • Cheese Pizza Addict
Little known fact: I have enough shoes to circle the earth twice.


Chloe - Orthodontic Assistant

Nickname: "Chlo"
Walk-up Song: "Barracuda"
Worked in Orthodontics since 2015

Chloe has been with Lustig & Young since 2015. She enjoys the outdoors. Her dream is to have a National Parks Pass and visit as many parks as possible. She enjoys drawing, painting and playing her ukulele. Chloe is most definitely blessed with tons of talent. She has won our staff over with her big smile, cheerful personality and her chocolate brownies.

Jamie - Orthodontic Assistant

Professional Facebook Poster • Middle Name: Little Debbie
On my driver's license: Ms. Fantastic Jamizie Awesome. I'm so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed!


Karli - Orthodontic Assistant

Avocado Aficionado • Ping Pong Pro
I'm the office ping pong champion, and no, you may not hold my trophy. Wait, why didn't I get a trophy? Once I followed my lead me to an avocado. We've been inseparable every since.


Melissa - Orthodontic Assistant

Air Guitarist
I was addicted to hokey pokey, but I turned myself around. I'm Moe at work and Angus on the stage. You see, I'm the lead air guitarist of AC/DC. Wanna jam? When not entertaining, I'm probably dominating at volleyball or totally unplugged watching Breaking Bad.


Netoi - Orthodontic Assistant

Chocolate Craver • Moon Explorer
Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree, that makes it a plant. Chocolate is a salad.

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