Before and After

Our patients below are loving their new smiles! We welcome the opportunity to help you create the smile you dream of!

Early Treatment

Phase I

Age 8; Results in 10 months

phase 1 before phase 1 after                          

Thumb Sucking

Age 8; Results in 8 months


Teen Treatment

Crowding and Narrow Upper Jaw With Impacted Teeth

Age 15; Results in 20 months



Deep Overbite: Lower Front Teeth Bite Into Palate

Age 15; Results in 14 months

deep overbite before deep overbite after


Excessive Spacing

Age 14; Results in 18 months

spacing of teeth before spacing of teeth after


Open Bite

Age 12; Results in 16 months



Overbite: Protruding Front Teeth

Age 11; Results in 22 months

overbite before overbite after

Adult Treatment


Age 31; Results in 11 months                                                                                                                    Age 25; Results in 18 months

  crowding of the teeth after               


Openbite                                                                                                                                  Open Bite with Crowding and Missing Teeth

Age 20; Results in 18 months                                                                                                               Age 45; Results in 24 months

open bite before open bite after             missing lateral incisors before missing lateral incisors after

Deep Bite with Missing Teeth                                                                                Deep Bite with Crowding

Age 45; Results in 20 months                                                                                                               Age 18; Results in 22 months



Underbite: Lower Front Teeth in Front of Upper Teeth

Age 28; Results in 27 months (without jaw surgery)

underbite before underbite after



Edge to Edge Bite: No Vertical Overbite

Age 23; Results in 14 months

non braces treatment before non braces treatment after


Open Bite

Age 35; Results in 11 months


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